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Dramaturgy and Editing of Documentaries and Feature Films
Editing of Short Films, Trailers, Image Films, Music Videos, Concert Films and TV programs
Narrative development of Mixed Formats
Directing of Short Films and Concert Films
Operating studio technology
Subtitling in German, English, Russian and French
Teaching activity
Guidance of video and film workshops
Editing consultant on Animated Films
Jury member at Film Festivals

Editing systems

Avid Media Composer
Avid Symphony
Avid News Cutter
Avid Xpress Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Final Cut Pro
Media 100
Pinnacle Liquid Blue
Sony BVE 910
Steenbeck 16mm
S-VHS editing


IMX, P2, XDCam, HDCam, HDCam SR, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, Mini DV, DVC Pro, D1, DVD, VHS/S-VHS, U-Matic, DAT, FlashCard, 16mm and 35mm film


Apple Mac OS-X

Workshops /
Lesson content

Film editing on Avid Media Composer
Film editing on Avid Xpress
Film editing on Adobe Premiere Pro
Film editing on Adobe Premiere Elements
Film editing on Final Cut Pro
Film editing on Final Cut Xpress
Dramaturgy of Film Editing
Dramaturgy of news films
From the idea to the final film
Film projects with children
The using of sound and music in film
Film history


film-theoretical works on Elfi Mikesch, the Coen-Brothers,
Italian neorealism and DOGMA 95
vision mixer
35mm film projector Bauer B10
Edit Share Unity Systems
Avid Interplay
Pro Tools
Quantel Edit Box

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